The American dollar continues its upside trend against the major currencies, which inclined sharply against the Australian and New Zealand dollars after the US's government left the benchmark interest rates unchanged at a record low between 0.00% and 0.25%, while also announcing more monetary easing measures in order to support the ailing recovery.

Moreover, the New Zealand touched a six-month low against the yen after the NZ's economy goes flat during the three months through June, less than both the analysts' expectations and the preceding reading.

On the other hand, Aussie and Kiwi extended their losses after the Chinese economy reported that September's manufacturing PMI may drop to 49.4, which is the third contraction in three months, while the Chinese market is the largest market for Australian and New Zealand products.

The market focused on the FOMC's report that released yesterday, while the US government announced an Operation Twist program, in which the Fed will rebalance its $2.8 trillion balance sheet by buying $400 billion of long term securities and selling $400 billion of short term securities.