FXstereet.com (Barcelona) - Asian markets have gone through gains for their third consecutive day on Thursday, with Japanese markets rallying on as Yen weakened and improved investors confidence after Federal Reserve's positive assessment on U.S. economy.

Japanese Nikkei Index has risen 3.8%, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index advanced 0.6% and South Korean Kospi Index rose 1.4%. markets in Australia and India have also gone up, while Chinese Shangai Composite Index dropped 1%.

Japanese markets have lead gains on Thursday as companies like Nissan and Cannon, heavily dependent on exports, have soared on a weaker Yen, which makes their products more attractive in foreign markets.

Yen weakens, Euro and Pound in range

USD/JPY recovery from 86.50 on December 1 has extended during Asian session, as the Pair advanced from levels around 87.30 to a one-week high at 87.92 before easing to 87.75 at the moment of writing.

EUR/USD pulled down from 1.5100 area on Wednesday's U.S. session, dipping to 1.5030 low and bounced back during Asian session, recovering all lost ground reaching past 1.5100 on its way to test 1.5115 at the moment of writing.

GBP/USD has been also going back and forth; rejection from 1.6700 on early U.S. session Wednesday pushed the Pound down to 1.6625, to bounce back during Asian session, reaching º1.6700 area at the moment of writing.