FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Asian markets have remained little moved on Friday after U.S. Treasury reported that the 19 largest banks would need $75 billions to be well capitalized, a lower than expected figure. Euro and Pound and Yen have been consolidating during Asian session.

Japanese Nikkei index adds 0.2% reversing opening losses, while South Korean Kospi Index trades 0.4% above its opening level, and Australian S&P Index fell 0.7%.

Banking shares have been higher today despite rises were narrow in all cases; Mizuho Financial Group rose 0.9% and National Australia Bank rose 0.5%; Industrial bank of Korea rose 0.5%.

Euro, Pound an d Yen, rangebound

The Euro has been trading in a range from 1.3350 to 1.3400 during the whole Asian session, after having peaked yesterday at 1.3470. At the moment, the Euro is setting an assault to the top of the range, reaching levels around 1.3410.

The Pound dropped on Thursday U.S. session from fresh 4-month high at 1.5198 to 1.4950 low and the pair has been moving sideways between 1.4965 to 1.5050 during Friday's Asian session.

USD/JPY peaked yesterday on early U.S. session at 99.76, to drop afterwards to levels around 98.90 and the pair has been moving from that level to 99.35 on the upside.

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