FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Asian markets have been mixed on Tuesday after Wall Street's advance , despite an erratic opening, weighed by trade tensions between U.S. and China. In Forex Markets, The Dollar has ticked down against the Pound and recovered further against the Yen.

Japanese Nikkei Index edges up 0.1% while Chinese Shangai Composite Index went 0.1% down, and Australian S&P Index went slightly lower. Other markets in the area have advanced, South Korean Kospi Index added 1.0% and Taiwan's benchmark Index rose 1.1%. In Hong Kong, markets were close due to a typhoon.

In absence of key macroeconomic data, investors have focused on company announcements and government policy changes. The importance of the trade affair between China and U.S, which held investors back on Monday, faded when market analysts discarded a full-out trade war between these two countries.

Dollar, up against Yen, down against Pound

GBP/USD bounced up at 1.6520 on early European session on Monday, and the Pair rose through the U.S. and Asian sessions, breaking above 1.6600, and reaching levels right below 1.6650 at the time of writing.

USD/JPY pick up from 7-month low at 90.20 hit on Monday's Asian session, has reached levels right above 91.00 during Tuesday's Asian session. At the moment of writing, the Dollar trades at 91.05.

EUR/USD eased on early Monday from Friday's high at 1.4635 to bottom at 1.4515 ad the Euro rose during Monday's U.S. session to hit a fresh 2009 high at 1.4653, and has remained consolidating during Asian session, in a range from 1.4600 to 1.4650.