FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Asian markets have through declines in Friday, retreating from fresh year highs hit on Thursday, with Japanese benchmark Index down as one of its biggest consumer lending firms revealed unable to pay its debts; The Pound has declined further, while Euro and Yen consolidate right below Thursday's highs.

Japanese Nikkei Index has dropped 0.8% weigheer by lending firm Aiful Corp, which has problems to repay its debts with the creditors.

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index declined 0.3%, while Chinese Shangai Composite Index shed 1.1%. In Australia, the S&P Index declined 1% and South Korean Kospi Index went 0.8% up.

Euro holds gains; Pound plunges

EUR/USD has remained trading in a range from 1.4700 to 1.4750 after retreating on Thursday from a fresh 11-month high at 1.4770. At the moment of writing, the Euro trades at 1.4725 after having tested 1.4695 support.

GBP/USD decline from September 10 high at 1.6475 has extended during Asian session, as the Sterling gave away about 100 pips, dropping from U.S. session high at 1.6565, to hit a fresh intra-week low at 1.6355.

USD/JPY remains trading in range above 91.00 after recovery on Thursday from 90.50 low, reached resistance area at 91.65. On a larger perspective, te Dollar has remained trading in a range roughly from 90.30 to 91.65 since last week's decline from Sept 7 high at 93.30.