which is aimed at reviving the Japanese economy from the ongoing recession, meanwhile the People’s Bank of China assured investors that it will continue its moderate easing monetary policy in order to promote economic growth.

The Japanese economy continues to contract amid the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, yet the government and the Bank of Japan combined efforts in a bid to revive economic growth and avoid another deflationary phase, yet so far the measures taken including quantitative easing by the BOJ failed to restore economic growth.

The world’s second largest economy has been hit really hard as the global financial crisis continued to weigh down on global growth, as global demand dropped leading economies that depend heavily on exports to contract deeply, yet investors are now hopeful that the worst of the credit crisis is now over and that the outlook is going to be much better.

Meanwhile the whole world is now counting on China to revive global growth, especially as the demand from China indeed plays a major role in promoting global growth, the world’s third largest economy seems to be on its way to recovery, especially as the government also continued to support economic growth through various measures including a $586 billion stimulus.

On the other hand most European markets are closed today, as Europeans enjoy the Easter Monday holiday and accordingly we should rather quiet trading and low volatility today, also the fact that no releases are scheduled from the United States today will contribute, as investors will be preparing themselves for what might be coming their way…