04:56 GMT: Japan's and Hong Kong's equity markets declined, while Australian shares gained backed by mining and petroleum companies that rallied alongside rising gold which recorded a high of $1140 per ounce, while crude oil traded near the $80 levels. The MSCI Asia Pacific index declined 0.07% to reach 118.58 at 02:15 Tokyo time.

Japan's Nikkei 225 index declined 1.37% to lose 132.30 points reaching 9544.50 points. The drop in Japan's equity markets was leaded by Fast Retailing Ltd that fell 4.41% cutting 30.42 points from the index, while Honda Motor Ltd declined 4.05% to cut 8.92 points from the index, then comes Kyocera Co that declined 2.75% cutting 7.71 points from the index. Mizuho Financial Group Inc had the highest trading volume with 300.54 million and it slipped 5.42%.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng index slipped 0.53% to lose 121.18 points reaching 22719.15 levels as Foxconn International Holding slipped 2.47% to cut 1.39 points from the index, while China Shenhua Energy Ltd slid 2.02% to cut 10.49 points and China Merchants Holding declined 1.94% to cut 2.11 points from the Hang Seng index. Bank of China Ltd had the highest trading volume with 175.52 million falling 1.66%.

Finally, Australia's S&P/ASX 200 inclined 0.19% to gain 9 points reaching 4747.20 points, Aquarius Platinum Ltd rose 6.66%, while Insurance Australia Ltd gained 4.47% and Tower Australia Ltd inclined 3.51%. Boart Longyear Ltd had the highest trading volume with 54.19 million declining 2.94%.