ASIASOFT forays into Indonesia

Southeast Asia's online game servicing company, Asiasoft Corporation PCL (Asiasoft), has announced its expansion into Indonesia through a new venture in which  80 percent is  owned by Asiasoft and 20 percent by an Indonesian partner.  

A new regional game platform service is likely to be rolled out by Asiasoft which is  capable of supporting 425,000 concurrent users in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand, said a press release. It can be accessed through a single online ID at The Company also plans to launch sixteen games in 2011

Currently, Asiasoft offers twenty-nine online games in four countries and provides service for more than 20 million registered gamers. The company's well known games include MapleStory, Audition, Yulgang, Raknarok Online, Cabal, and Atlantica.