Opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stormed the Syrian embassy in Cairo, AFP agency reported.

At least 200 protesters got inside the building, which was empty since Friday is a weekend day in the country, and broke doors and windows before Egyptian security officials intervened.

The Syrian embassy is being targeted. We will be sending a formal letter calling for the embassy to be protected. The protection today was very weak, Syrian ambassador Yusef Ahmed told AFP.

The protesters went into the building. They reached the floor where the ambassador's office is located. Unfortunately they were not resisted, he said as he walked over broken glass and into the building.

This is a very serious development, he said.

Syrian security forces killed 37 people in Syria on Friday, according to reports. The UN Security Council is expected to meet later in the day to discuss Syria before a possible vote next week on a Western-Arab resolution to end the bloodshed. Russia has said that it will oppose the move.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 15 people were killed in Hama and 22 elsewhere in the country. It includes 12 people fired on a funeral march in the southern town of Nowa.