The American Revolution isn't just for history nerds and classroom textbooks. Gaming franchise Assassin's Creed is setting its third installment during the Revolutionary War, according to Kotaku. Jumping from the Middle East to Italy, the widespread video game is now making its way to America.

The third chapter in the story of Desmond's ancestors, which is set for release on March 5th, was initially rumored to take place in Paris or Japan. Two screenshots from the game reveal that the new protagonist may be of Native American descent, according to Forbes. However, this seems unlikely if the character is supposed to be another ancestor of previous main characters Ezio and Altair.

The fresh location can also prove to alter gameplay significantly. As Forbes video game writer Paul Tassi points out, revolutionary America lacks the tall buildings and sprawling architecture that has shaped certain gameplay aspects in the past.

Will this be a less-climbing based stealth game for a change? he writes. It could be an interesting new direction for the series.

Although some may have gripes about the new terrain, the post-colonial atmosphere could make for an engaging and stimulating addition to the series. Here are five reasons players gamers should embrace The American Revolution as a gaming setting, according to Kotaku.

1. The makers behind Assassin's Creed know how to create an interactive period piece of a video game. Although the hard facts may not always be up to par, the cultural and societal aspects are usually accurate. Fans should look forward to the Revolutionary attire and rebellious attitudes.

2. It's clear that the landscape may be the new game element that worries fans the most. But as Kotaku acknowledges, the cities in the previous games weren't created exactly to scale. And early America still had climbable clock towers, just like any other metropolis at the time. The abundance of trees and mountains as opposed to medieval structure could be an interesting switch for the game.

3. But the time period is crucial for more than the terrain. Any game with the word assassins in the title is sure to be heavily reliant on weapons. The American Revolution is typically associated with lines of soldiers firing muskets and bayonets at their opponent. But smaller quarrels with Native Americans leave room for grittier weapons, such as tomahawks, bow-and- arrows, and other bladed weaponry.

4. In addition to the variety of weapons, America is known for blending various cultures into a melting pot of a society. And our nation's early days portray this ideal though different races and societal classes, with colonials, European immigrants, local militias and more.

5. Taking place during the war that founded our country, the third installment of Assassin's Creed leaves a lot of room for famous guest appearances. Leonardo da Vinci played a role in the previous game, the iconic War of Independence yields many possibilities such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.