I know some readers made some well timed purchases of Atheros Communications (ATHR) a few weeks ago near the lows but unless you quickly flipped it right out, it's now again a loss.  While I've dumped most of my stocks with 'bad charts' I decided to keep my 0.4% allocation in the stock to keep an eye on it as a holding position, because I really like where this company is positioned.  But the action is saying something else.  I might have to throw in the towel here soon despite my favoritism for the company and one of the best earnings report of the entire tech sector in April [Apr 20, 2010: Atheros Communications Trounces Q1 2010 Estimates] - each time it rallies since early May it has only been a selling opportunity.    It makes me wonder if some sort of earnings miss or guidance disappointment is headed our way.  I am in awe as this company trades at about 12x forward estimates when similar companies are trading at 25-35x.

If the stock cannot hold here and make a double bottom, it looks destined to head even lower.

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Long Atheros Communications in fund; no personal position