First glance at Atheros Communications' (ATHR) earnings report is stellar - but it doesn't matter since Apple (AAPL) is out tonight and the whole world revolves around this (most excellent) company.   ATHR down in after hours :) sell the news

Revenue $185.7M, EPS $0.64 (non-GAAP)


Analysts $174.7M, EPS $0.53 (non-GAAP)

Revenue up 19% sequentially, and 89% year over year

Gross margins up almost 2% versus previous quarter, and 1% year over year

Operating margins a fantastic 23.4% of revenue, v 19.4% previous quarter, and 7.6% a year ago.


No guidance in report

As I said earlier in the day, high expectations but they delivered.  If not for a shady market, we'd definitely get everything we sold the past 7 days back first thing tomorrow.  But right now stocks are a slave to the general market and babies are being tossed with bathwater.  We'll see how the next few days play out - fundamentally, we could not ask for more.

Long Atheros Communication in fund; no personal position