More often than not when an athlete wins a championship or accepts an award, the first person he thanks is dear old mom.

This second Sunday of May, sports stars from every major league around the country took to Twitter to honor their mothers, like Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price.

While most won't be writing copy for Hallmark anytime soon, each athlete credited their mother for their support and determination to mold them into the stars we see on the field or court every season.

Many of the tweets included a sweet picture with mom, and words of encouragement for those taking on one of the world’s toughest jobs.

One of the notable exceptions was Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who is currently in a legal battle with his mother Pamela over the rights to the superstar’s memorabilia. However, that could change as the day goes by.

Bryant did link to an Instagram pic of his grandmother earlier in the week: @KobeBryant My beautiful grandma #soalike #virgos #philly 

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson also gave a shout to single mothers, pulling “double duty,” as he called it.

Check out the tweets below.

Justin Tuck ‏@JustinTuckNYG9

Happy Mother's Day to this beautiful woman. And to all mothers around the world 

Chad Johnson ‏@ochocinco

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers doing double duty and the few fathers handling both roles on their own as well, may you all flourish

Amar'e Stoudemire ‏@Amareisreal

Happy Mothers Day Mom !!. I love you. Keep teaching the youth the truth. 


Happy Mother's Day to all the moms across the world! Spend as much time as possible with your moms , you only get one! Life is short!

Russell Wilson ‏@DangeRussWilson

Happy Mothers Day! Mommas have the toughest jobs in the world! P

Robert Griffin III ‏@RGIII

Happy Mother's Day to the most influential mom in my life, Jackie Griffin. I love you and you will always be "mommy" to me

Mia Hamm ‏@MiaHamm

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. You continue to awe and inspire all of us.

David Price ‏@DAVIDprice14

Happy Mother's Day! You're all very special! I love my momma

Phil Taylor ‏@PhilTaylor98

Happy Mother's Day to the woman that made me who I am today. Love you momma! 

Jerry Rice ‏@JerryRice

Happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers out there. Enjoy the day!!

Jose Reyes ‏@lamelaza_7

It is a huge responsibility 2 give life. God doesn't make any mistakes he knows y he chose you. Happy Mother's Day 2 all!!! #blessings

Rob Gronkowski ‏@RobGronkowski

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mother of all my bro's and I! @GordieGronk @ggronko @Chrisgronkowski @DGronko

Jason Kipnis ‏@TheJK_Kid

Happy Mother's Day to every beautiful mother out there.. Enjoy the day because all of you can use it and deserve it! Love you Mom!

Eric Reid, Jr. ‏@E_Reid

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom on the planet!