Attunity Ltd., a provider of software for real-time data integration and event capture applications worldwide, has announced that it has been chosen by Scalability Experts as a solution partner to deliver affordable, turn-key data integration and BI solutions leverage the award-winning software for data integrations and real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) technology offered by Attunity.

Scalability Experts will be able to further accelerate, simplify, and allow for real-time integration of data in order to increase the performance of its customers’ operations and their return on investment (ROI). Customers in mixed IT environments will be able to benefit from Attunity’s data integration technologies, which include real-time data connectivity, data replication/ CDC and data federation. Scalability’s Experts provides for the cutting-edge implementation and support to complete the solution.

“Our data management expertise spans all leading database platforms, and we choose strong, complementary solution partners, like Attunity, to add value with best-in-class technology,” said Rajinder Gill, Founder and President of Scalability Experts. “Our customers will benefit from being able to drive greater value from their database operations while having a variety of efficient data integration options that enable initiatives including real-time data warehousing, operational business intelligence, MDM, replicating data from one source to another, and synchronizing two or more data sources to ensure data consistency. All is possible through Attunity’s industry-leading CDC and data replication technology.”

Award winning Attunity CDC Suite for SSIS, is a quick, cost-effective, and complete solution for the replication and real-time integration for data from numerous source systems, which utilizes the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Attunity Stream along with CDC Technology offers efficiency in time, cost, and resources, complements the ETL Applications, monitors and transfers the only the data that has been altered on the source systems, and eliminates the need for big bulk-data transfers from one system to next.

“The need to readily access real-time information continues to grow, especially for operational business intelligence and data warehousing,” explained Mel Passarelli, Vice President and General Manager for North America at Attunity. “Customers are working hard to meet these demands and will benefit from the combination of Attunity’s award-winning, easy-to-use technology with the data management and BI solution expertise that Scalability Experts offers.”

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