Attunity Ltd., the software developer specializing in event capture and real-time data integration that provides users with a customizable service-based framework to enable heightened business sector presence, announced today selection of its Attunity Stream software by the Turkish government’s Social Security Institution (SGK).

Attunity Stream is a log-based, change-data-capture (CDC) environment that allows for real-time detection of actionable events, and will be employed by the SGK to better serve the 60 million people under its umbrella.

Part of an e-government initiative by SGK to develop a persistent data warehousing model with user driven business intelligence, the adoption of Attunity Stream will enable managers, auditors and a core user base of over 2,000 with a real-time platform that allows independent access to data.

Project manager for the systems integration firm selected by SGK to design and implement the solution set, Havelsan Inc.’s Bunyamin Karadeniz remarked on the challenges of making timely information available to “an organization like SGK, consisting of three different entities including the Retirement Fund, Social Insurance, and the Self-employment Fund.” Karadeniz also noted that the vast amount of data stored across legacy systems required information request processing to be handled by the IT department manually.

According to Karadeniz, the inefficiency of the old system often resulted in such things as reports for auditors taking up to ten days to complete, which delayed processing of insurance claims – a thoroughly unacceptable condition for SGK and the millions who rely on its services.

Attunity Stream was crucial in developing a comprehensive solution to this problem, allowing for vastly more efficient use of SGK’s legacy systems by through-putting information into the data warehouse architecture, where it can be more easily consumed.

Attunity’s software has enabled a seamless integration with the existing Oracle-based environment, creating a dynamic and instantaneous information retrieval system which reduces the workload on IT resources.

Decision Support Manager at SGK Ayla Gemalmaz was happy to have found the right partner and software solution in Attunity, noting that the technical proficiency and responsiveness in completing such a massive undertaking was “instrumental in making the project a success”.

Attunity’s Regional Director Menachem Brouk expressed his pleasure that the Company’s Attunity Stream product had been selected for such a critical project, and was confident that “SGK and the people of Turkey will benefit from the real-time information” capabilities that Attunity’s CDC technology provides. Brouk also said that he looked forward to offering such benefits to other customers around the world.