Audi debuts its 'Urban Future Initiative' in New York City at Openhouse Gallery from May 7-9, 2011.

A long-term project, the initiative aims to bring together different visions on how mobility, urban living and the role of the transportation will change in the coming years.

In a 50-foot interactive exhibit called Project New York, five emerging NYC-based architects will present concepts of a futurist Manhattan as part of the New Museum's first-ever Festival of Ideas for the New City weekend event in downtown Manhattan.  The weekend will also feature interactive panels and discussions with architects and designers.

With the Audi Urban Future Initiative we as a globally operating company are exercising social responsibility, states Peter Schwarzenbauer, board member of AUDI AG for marketing and sales. In order to convert visions into reality more quickly, our experts are taking part in the debate about the city of the future. At the same time we are networking with experts from other disciplines - and in this way playing our part in shaping the urban future, continues Schwarzenbauer.

The project not only offers a glimpse into what the city of the future could look like, but also sparks a conversation around innovation, new ways of communicating, never-before-seen concepts of living spaces, new versions of roadways and infrastructure solutions for the future.

To bring to life these concepts in New York City, Audi partnered with Architizer, one of the leading online communities for architects, to identify five up-and-coming architecture practices.