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The AUD/JPY fundamental outlook is updated weekly and is one of the base of the weekly analysis/forecast for AUD/JPY. This is mainly derived from the recent major economic releases and news. The AUD/JPY economic strength meter at the bottom shows the relative strengths or weakness of the currencies depending on the recent economic releases/news.

AUD/JPY (Aussie Dollar-Yen)-Recent economic releases:


Australia (AUD): CB Leading Indicator: 0.2% against the previous -0.3%.
Australia (AUD): Westpac Leading Index (MoM): 0.1% against the previous 0.6%.
Australia (AUD): RBA's Meeting Minutes: Pace of output growth was around trend over the year to the September quarter, despite some slowing in recent quarters. Growth in business investment looked reasonably strong in the September quarter. exports of iron ore had remained at a high level over recent months and coal exports from Queensland had been recovering. Complete report can be seen at
Australia (AUD): Some poor than expected economic releases from China for Foreign Direct Investment, Housing Price Index and CB Leading Economic Index. Weaker data from China goes against the AUD very fast.

Japan (JPY): Machine Tool Orders (YoY): -21.3% against the previous -6.7%.
Japan (JPY): Merchandise Trade Balance (Total): JPY -953.4B and though better than the expected JPY -1030B but quite less than the previous -551.1B Japanese Yen.
Japan (JPY): Exports (YoY): November data showed a change of -4.1% which was positive as compared to the forecasts (-5.4%) as well as the previous -6.5%.
Japan (JPY): Economic Indexes: All Industry Index (MoM) was 0.2% and though less than the consensus of 0.4% but quite better than the previous -0.3%. Leading Economic Index at 92.8 was also better than the previous 91.8. Coincident Index 90.7 was less than the previous 91.3.
Japan (JPY): Interest rate was kept same at 0.1%.


AUD/JPY Outlook: Economic Releases (Strength Meter)

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