AUDUSD- Following a second month of weakness since halting its broader medium term uptrend (initiated from the 0.6008 level in Oct'08) in Nov'09, AUDUSD retains its bearish momentum and looks to weaken further towards its Dec 24'09 low at 0.8733. That swing low is key to the health of the pair's medium term uptrend as a break of there will resume its declines started from the 0.9404 level, its 2009 high and break its pattern of higher highs and higher lows. A decisive violation of there will call further price acceleration towards its Oct 02'09 low at 0.8567 with a breach of there targeting its Aug 14'09 high at 0.8476 ahead of the 0.8238 level, its Sept 02'09 low. We expect a halt in price at this level as the zone is layered with various supports which act as a congestion area. Its .382 Fibonacci retracement (0.6246-0.9404 rally)at 0.8202 is also located at this zone. Its weekly and monthly RSI are bearish and pointing lower suggesting further weakness. Alternatively, above its Jan 14'10 high at 0.9327 must be traded to put our downside view on hold and set the stage for a recapture of its 2009 high at 0.9404 with a break resuming its medium term uptrend towards its July 27'08 high at 0.9592.On the whole, while its weakness in Dec'09 and Jan '10 are intact, we see further downside losses violating the 0.8733 level and a host of other supports highlighted above in days and weeks ahead.