Having held above its two big resistance levels at the 0.9000 and the 0.9068 levels, further strength is likely towards the 0.9200 level, its psycho level. The only warning to this analysis will be a corrective pullback of its run from the 0.8066 level. Beyond the 0.9200 level will clear the way for a run at its May 04'10 low at 0.9265. On the other hand, the violated resistance zone at the 0.9000/68 levels is expected to reverse roles and provide support if tested thus turning the pair back up again. However, below there will aim at the 0.8858/69 level and then another support located at the 0.8736 level followed by the 0.8632 level, its July 19'10 low. Overall, having taken out the 0.9000/68 levels and resumed its short term uptrend, threats are seen towards the 0.9200 level and beyond.