FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Aussie continues to be flat after making fresh 15-month high in the early European session. Currently the unit is hovering above 0.9300. The Kiwi also remains flat at a high level above 0.7400. MACD on the daily Kiwi chart suggests bullish momentum.

Gold keeps moving up and the current price is at 1,116.18,,0.90% up from today's opening price at 1,106.49.

According to Oil N' Gold Team,Gold's break of 1111.7 indicates that recent rise has resumed. At this point, intraday bias remains on the upside as long as 1097.2 minor support holds. As noted before, current rise from 931.3 is still in progress for next projection target of 61.8% projection of 681 to 1007.7 from 931.3 at 1133.2. On the downside, though, below 1097.2 will argue that a short term top is formed with bearish divergence conditions in 4 hours MACD. In such case, deeper decline should be seen to support zone of 1026.9 and 1072 first.