AUD/USD's recovery was limited by 4 hours 55 EMA and has possibly completed at 0.8303. Intraday bias is mildly on the downside for 0.8154 first and break there will confirm that whole decline from 0.8476 high has resumed. As discussed before, prior break of 0.8179 support indicates that whole rise from 0.7702 should have completed already and below 0.8154 will target 0.7702 low next. While another rise cannot be ruled out, upside is expected to be limited well below 0.8476 high. In the bigger picture, there is no change in the broader view that price actions from 0.6008 are correction to down trend form 0.9849 only. Rise from 0.6284 is the last leg and should be near to completion, if not completed. Upside is expected to be limited by 0.8382/8519 resistance zone and finally bring reversal. Break of medium term rising trend line (now at 0.8109) will indicate that such correction has completed and further break of 0.7702 support will confirm. However, note that sustained trading above 0.8519 resistance will argue that whole rise from 0.6008 is possibly developing into a new trend and will open up the prospect of a retest on 0.9849 (08 High).