As AUDUSD continues to weak selling off sharply on Thursday to close at 1.0453 and following lower in today's trading session. While it maintains below the 1.0793/1.0677 levels, the bears should push further towards the 1.0389 level, its Jun 27'2011 low currently being tested. Further down, support stands at its April 05'2011 low at 1.0287 and next its .618 Fib Ret.(0.9702-1.1009 rally) at 1.0200. Its bearish RSI remains supportive of this view. On the other hand, though biased to upside in the long term, the pair must climb back above the 1.1078 level, its year to date high to end its current bearishness and resume its uptrend now on hold. In such a case, the 1.1200 and the 1.1300 levels, all representing its psycho levels will be targeted. All in all, AUDUSD remains under pressure on further corrective pullback.