AUDUSD-A follow-through higher on the pair's Wednesday strength has seen it targeting higher prices towards initially the 0.9324 level, its Jan 11'10 high and then the 0.9404 level, its 2009 high. Beyond the latter level will resume its broader medium term uptrend and set the stage for further upside gains towards its July 27'08 high at 0.9592 and possibly higher towards its July 20'08 high at 0.9790. Conversely, to cut short its present upside strength, a break and hold below its Dec 14'09 high at 0.9173 will have to occur thereby increasing further downside towards the 0.8936 level, its Jan 04'10 low with a loss of there setting the stage for further downside pressure towards its Oct 01'09 high at 0.8857 and followed by its Dec 24'09 low at 0.8733.