Aura Systems, Inc. was pleased to announce that Steve Covate, former director of business development at Oracle, has been appointed Vice President of Sales. Mr. Covate has nearly two decades of experience in operational management and 10 years experience in sales and business development. He has a long track record of success, including lengthy tenures at Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Covate has a B.S degree in Business administration.

Melvin Gagerman, Aura’s CEO, commented, “Steve Covate is a great addition to our leadership team. His background in Sales and Operational Management are a unique set of skills that will be utilized to focus our sales efforts, extend our reach into new markets, and identify and convey Aura’s product benefits into a variety of industries. This is part of a current program to build a strong technical and management team in anticipation of significant growth in our business in the current fiscal year.”

Mr. Covate stated, “I am excited about the opportunity to lead the sales growth in Aura’s business. Aura’s patented power generation technology is already having a profound impact in a variety of industries including Defense, Public Transportation, Construction, Emergency and Rescue, Utility, Wind Power Turbines, and others. In addition, our completely integrated All-Electric Refrigeration Solution is taking hold in a mature industry. The Refrigerated Transportation Industry is looking for new innovations that reduce their operating expenses and help them become compliant with the increasingly restrictive emissions regulations.”

He continued, “By providing an All-Electric Solution, Aura is helping companies lower their fuel costs while becoming compliant with the governmental mandates to reduce emissions. I look forward to making contributions that will result in growing the business.”