Auric Mining Corp. is an investment and management company focused on mining and natural resources projects. Auric Mining has searched through numerous databases of private and public natural resources companies that have substantial findings already proven and intends to either purchase, joint venture or invest in the companies or projects that meet its criteria.

Auric Mining CEO and President Michael Burke leads the company with expertise in technological integration, mining and geophysical exploration, finance, project and corporate development as well as a successful track record of extracting shareholder value. He has founded and served as the president of numerous companies, most notably building World Star Holdings Inc. into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The Dolly Gold Showing lies in a major known gold resource area with a history of gold mining over the past 50 years. In 1984, assays from 0.13 oz. over 2.4 meters to 1.28 oz. over 0.3 meters were recorded. The best gold assay recorded was 2.48 oz. with no recorded width. Using current technology and the latest geology expertise, Auric Mining will focus on trends and process information that were previously missed.

The area near Auric Mining’s Dog Lake Project has shown promising signs of concentrated kimberlite indicators, a favorable geological formation for diamond exploration, as well as numerous deposits of small diamonds within metamorphosed Archean basement rocks. Now that the unusual rocks that host these occurrences have been fairly well-characterized and ongoing overburden stripping is exposing new bedrock, finding diamonds in the area is becoming an almost everyday occurrence.

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