The investors are continuing their demand for the Asian currencies, where the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar has rebounded against its major currencies after yesterday's decline, as Asian stock markets rose due to the raw materials producers increased after oil and copper prices accelerated.

On the other hand, the commodities prices rallied amid escalating European debt crisis that has negative effects on the global economic recovery, increasing the investors' demand for the precious metal as a protection of investment, supporting the Australian currency and the NZ currency to incline, while they grabbed traders' investment desire.

Moreover, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) noted that the economy to expand to the fastest expansion next year.

The AUD/USD pair started today's session with an incline against the major, especially against the US dollar, trades around 1.0585 after recorded a high of 1.0586 and a low of 1.0509.

Turning to the NZD/USD pair also started the day session with a sharply upside movement, as a cheerful news about the commodities prices, while the pair trades around 0.8076, recorded the highest level at 0.8048 and the lowest level at 0.7965.

On the other hand, the Japanese yen has increased slightly versus the greenback, as the Japanese stocks rose to the most level in a week.