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The Japanese yen pair starts Thursday's session with a decline against its all major currencies the greenback and other currencies, before a U.S. report that will show job market and French manufacturing increased, pushed the investors' demand for the US dollar as a safe heave.

The pair ended Wednesday's session at 80.86; recorded the lowest at 80.69, while momentum indicators show the pair in a natural trend.


The Australian dollar versus the US dollar pair rose to Wednesday's closing. The pair is traded through technical movement which is prevailing in the markets due to the Australian economy didn't release any fundamental data this week. On the other hand, the Australian dollar has gained for a fourth straight session versus the greenback, driven by higher commodity prices.

The pair closed Wednesday's session at 1.0128, recorded a high of 1.0154, while it started today's session with an incline.


The New Zealand dollar rose during Thursday's session against its all major currencies, especially versus the greenback, due to the New Zealand 4th GDP grew by 0.2%, and this rise has exceeded expectations that estimated of 0.1%, pushed the pair to incline from the session's beginning. However, the pair continues its upside movement for the 7th consecutive day, whereas the fiur hours momentum indicators give buy signs.

The New Zealand dollar against the greenback closed Wednesday's trading session at 0.7432, after recorded the highest level at 0.7446, while it is started today' session with an incline.