Australia Private New Capital Expenditures Actual -8.9%, Expected -6.0%, Previous 6.0%
Release Explanation: The private new capital expenditure is a report that measures the total amount of new capital expenditures made by private businesses. A rising trend, which economist predicts will happen this quarter with a 0.5 percent increase, tend to have a positive effect on a nations currency.
Trade Desk Thoughts: The trend estimate for total new capital expenditures fell in terms of volume by 0.7% percent in the March quarter of 2009 while the seasonally adjusted rate fell 8.9 percent. The estimate for buildings and structures rose by 4.4 percent this quarter, and 4.7 percent seasonally adjusted.
Forex Technical Reaction: The Australian dollar was not affected by the release at all. Since the start of the Asian session, the pair has gained 35 pips.