Release Explanation: The trade balance figure is simply the difference between the amount of export and imports of Australian goods and services for the reported month with Australia and other foreign trade partners. Subsequently, when exports are greater than imports, or positive net exports, a trade surplus is created. However, when imports are greater than exports, a deficit is created. Simply put, here, there is more money leaving the country than actually coming in. As a result, the report is taken into heavy consideration as it indicates flow of goods and services and stand as one of the biggest components of the Balance of Payments report.
Trade Desk Thoughts: Australia has posted a higher than expected trade balance for the month of February. Analysts were expecting a 0.70B reading when in fact; the country had a surplus of 2.11B. This is mainly due to imports of consumer goods declining while the price of gold surged higher. However, this may not be enough for Australia to avoid a recession, the nation’s first in two decades. This is the seventh consecutive month in which the Australian trade balance has been in the black.
Forex Technical Reaction: The Australian dollar found support off the .6970level and has sprung higher after this release was announced. The pair is currently trading in between the neutral pivot point and the R1 resistance level.