Patrick McGorry, Australian of the Year appeals for mental health to be a part of the health reform.

Patrick McGorry, Australian of the Year will appeal for mental health to be included in the federal government's health reforms in national television commercials to be aired this weekend.

Prof McGorry, a mental health worker for 27 years makes the plea in a campaign for political activists GetUp.

In the commercial to be aired during political programs on Sky News and Channel 10, he says any serious health reform must include mental health.

Half of all Australians would suffer a mental illness in their lifetime, but two-thirds of them would not seek treatment, says Prof McGorry.

If the federal government is prepared to help with physical health, they must be prepared to help with mental health, he said.

Prof McGorry said although he was able to directly lobby Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Health Minister Nicola Roxon in his role as Australian of the Year, he wanted to take the public with him in a grassroots campaign.

He was yet to be assured that mental health would be part of the federal plan, that overhauls funding and management of public hospitals and address shortages in the medical field.

I have had a very good hearing, I'm not complaining at all about that, but I want to make sure the government will make a very comprehensive announcement soon, said Prof McGorry.

Ms Roxon has informed that the government is preparing the foundation of its plan before looking at specific parts of health care.

The commercial invites viewers to join a Get Up campaign for mental health reform by visiting their web site.