According to the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, the United States has more than 43 billion barrels of oil from stranded oil reserves and mature oil and gas wells. The key for any oil and gas producer looking for the next successful venture is knowing where to look and having the expertise, crew and equipment to tap into these reserves.

The demand for crude oil, natural gas and petroleum-based products continues to soar, with the United States, China and India leading in the cry for more energy. While many markets face downturn in the midst of a recession, the oil and gas industry remains a furious force; Exxon Mobile, BP and Royal Dutch/Shell and other oil and gas companies are turning big profits as oil prices continue to climb.

Avalon Oil & Gas Inc. focuses on acquiring mature oil and gas wells in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. The independent oil and gas producer uses efficient reservoir maintenance and technology to generate a stable cash flow as it acquires oil and gas leases poised to benefit the company and its shareholders. Avalon continues to expand its lease properties and production operations as it focuses its operations on capitalizing on the United States’ vast, untapped reserves.

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