The oil and gas industry is more than explore and drill. Meeting demand with supply creates pressure to develop innovative technologies that will accelerate the oil production process. With increasing demand for oil, and the competitive nature of the market, innovative technologies for upfront and back-end operations represent a unique investment opportunity.

Avalon Oil & Gas Inc. is currently seeking out those opportunities and is building a portfolio of new technologies for the oil and gas industry. To execute this mission, Avalon has entered into a relationship with UTEK Inc., a technology transfer company that acquires innovative technologies from universities and research labs around the world.

This strategic alliance enables Avalon’s commercialization team to identify promising oil production enhancement technologies through UTEK’s resources, and allows it to finance the acquisition for equity. Avalon’s technology group acquires, then develops oil production enhancing technologies by seeking out early-stage licensing partners with innovative systems and products. The company’s strategy is to evaluate the commercialization potential and value, compare it against current products and market demand, generate a prototype development, then test the technology to determine its market viability.

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