Avalon Oil & Gas, Inc. is an independent domestic oil and natural gas producer. The company’s strategy is to use efficient reservoir maintenance and innovative oil production enhancing technology on a portfolio of oil and gas properties. Avalon expects this strategy to generate stable cash flows for the company.

Avalon’s technology arm acquires and develops oil production enhancing technologies from early stage licensing partners. The company’s business model is to evaluate the commercialization potential of a technology and its market viability. If warranted, Avalon will then proceed to rapid prototype development and field test of the technology.

One of Avalon’s licensing partners is UTEK, Inc., a global technology transfer company that enables firms to rapidly acquire innovative technologies from universities and research labs worldwide. Through UTEK, Avalon has acquired a few new oil production technologies.

One such technology license acquired by Avalon via UTEK is from researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This technology involves ’smart oil well borehole casings’ for oil recovery. The smart borehole casing technology uses a densely spaced network of customized casing sensors to monitor critical parameters in a subsurface oil reservoir.

Applications include real-time mapping and monitoring of subsurface fluid composition and distribution in deep oil reservoirs to maximize oil recovery without interfering with normal well operations. Bypassed oil and fluid-flow barriers can be identified and fluid saturation changes can be effectively mapped. Additionally, hydrocarbon recovery and well locations can be optimized.

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