Happy New Year and best wishes for 2008.

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Looks much more bullish now after it broke above the 1.4520(break down level) and 1.4575 (falling res line from the highs) levels yesterday. Rising support coming in at 1.4345 today and resistance at 1.4760, so any approach towards these levels should be decent trade set ups.

Support: 1.4577, 1.4520, 1.4347 and 1.4320 (key rising sup)

Resistance: 1.4770 (5/12 high) and 1.4880

240 min – Rising sup at 1.4577.


Bounced higher ahead of the 1.9714 rising support line and next resistance level is 2.0020 now, so sell the first test of this level.. Pretty bearish sentiment for GBP at the moment as long as the falling resistance line holds (at 2.0251 today) and another falling resistance at 2.0309.

Support: 1.9750, 1.9722 (key risings support), 1.9652 (key August low)

Resistance: 2.0080 (former support), 2.0160 (former rising support from 1.86 area) 2.0170 (falling res), 2.0236(falling res), 2.0503 (key level)

120 min – Falling resistance at 2.0260.


Bearish momentum intact below 1.1350 today and 1.1200 to 1.1180 is key support level and a break below 1.1180 should open for another 60-80 pips move lower.

Support: 1.1205(falling support), 1.1190-80 (former break out level), 1.1153

Resistance: 1.1350(former support), 1.1630 (former support level), 1.1641 (key falling resistance)

120 min – Falling resistance coming in at 1.1400.


Broke above the key downtrend line at 114.20, but failed to take out 114.60 resistance yesterday and this level now looks like a short term top. Key rising support (from Nov lows) at 114.00 was taken out as well, bearish bearish.

Support: 110.70 ( former key resistance) , 109.02 (former falling resistance)

Resistance: 112.80 (key level) 114.60 (key level), 114.73 (reaction high 11/7-07)

120 min – Rising support coming in at 109.02.


Key falling resistance coming in at 166.79 today and this level should hold on the first test, so looking to sell any approach towards 166.70 or so. To the downside we have 163.01 (key rising support) and any break below this level opens for 100 pips move lower or so.

Support: 163.01 (key rising support), 161.60 (key support), 161.11 (rising support from 13/11 and 27/11 lows)

Resistance: 166.82 (falling res from the highs), 167.63 (Nov high), 167.73 (Oct high)

120 min – Rising support at 163.01.


Key rising support at 0.9807 and key support at 0.9703 (any approach towards this level should provide a decent buy set up).

Support: 0.9807 (rising support from low) 0.9703 (1 month low)

Resistance: 1.0135 (key level, overhead res)


Resistance at 0.7386(all time high). Quite bullish sentiment and could we see 0.7500 soon?

Support: 0.7184 (rising support), 0.7088 (reaction low 3/12), 0.7117 (key uptrend level), 0.7027 (former break out)

Resistance: 0.7386 and 0.7500 (psychological level)


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