Breaking below 1.4610 key support late yesterday opens for lower levels. Have one more rising support at 1.4550 and reaction low at 1.4520 that might hold the downside somewhat, but the break of 1,46 level is a bearish signal. Falling resistance coming in at 1.4747 today.


Res 31.4908

Res 21.4785

Res 11.4710

Sup 11.4550

Sup 21.4520

Sup 31.4404

Key resistance today1.4630

Key support today1.4520

Favoured strategy today:Bearish below 1.4630


Big break lower after taking out 2.0490 key support and falling all the way down to 2.0245 key support. The uptrend line from 17 Aug is now broken and this is now resistance at 2.0500. Watch the BoE rate decision closely today as the market has now priced in rate cuts and a no move should be pretty supportive for GBP.


Res 32.0702

Res 22.0500

Res 12.0330

Sup 12.0240

Sup 22.0080

Sup 32.0040

Key resistance today2.0750

Key support today2.0240

Favoured strategy today:Bearish below 2.0500


Technically bearish below falling resistance at 1.1360 (falling trend line from 12th of October). Also have reaction high from 8th of Nov at 1.1344 as resistance. 50% retracement of the 1.1894 – 1.0885 move is at 1.389.

Support/Resistance Res 31.1402

Res 21.1360

Res 11.1330

Sup 11.1180

Sup 21.1070

Sup 31.0855

Key resistance today1.1360

Key support today1.1160

Favoured strategy today:Bearish below 1.1360



Still possible for a rally toward 111.70 where the next resistance is located. Sell on any approach of 111.50 with 111.80 stop.


Res 3113.23

Res 2112.00

Res 1111.70

Sup 1109.70

Sup 2108.77

Sup 3107.20

Key resistance today111.70

Key support today109.70

Favoured strategy today:Bullish above 109.70


This pair has been very choppy over the last few days trading inside a 160.20 – 163.82 range and I prefer to trade this range from the long side buy vs. minor support at 160.60 for today. Another option is to sell on any rally towards 163.30 falling resistance.


Res 3165.90

Res 2164.30

Res 1163.70

Sup 1161.50

Sup 2161.30

Sup 3160.46

Key resistance today163.70

Key support today160.20

Favoured strategy today:Bullish above 160.20


As expected it bounced nicely from that 0.7090 level and way higher yesterday, all up to BoE and the interest rate announcement today where it will go next


Res 30.7300

Res 20.7254

Res 10.7240

Sup 10.7164

Sup 20.7090

Sup 30.7027

Key resistance today0.7254

Key support today0.7164

Favoured strategy today:Bullish above 0.7164



Big rally Tuesday after BoC cut rates by 25 bp and the pair broke above the key falling resistance at 1.0176 briefly, but fell back sharply as the day closed. Broke out of the rising trend channel as well Tuesday and overhead resistance could now be support (1.0094) and could bounce near term from this level.


Res 31.0077

Res 21.0014

Res 10.9995

Sup 10.9865

Sup 20.9830

Sup 30.9776

Key resistance today1.0200

Key support today1.0094

Favoured strategy today:Bullish above 1.0094

Major events today (GMT)

09:30UK Manufacturing Production (Oct)

11:00GER Factory Orders (Oct)

12:00Bank of England Interest Rate Announcement

12:45ECB Interest Rate Announcement

13:30ECB’s Press Conference

13:30US Weekly Jobless Claims

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