'Avatar' success still far behind 'Gone with the Wind'

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Avatar, which is set to beat ‘Titanic’ in the next few weeks as the all-time record holder for U.S. Domestic box-office receipts is still relatively far from beating 1939’s “Gone With the Wind” as the inflation-adjusted box office champion.

‘Avatar’ is also neck to neck with ‘Titanic’ for the worldwide box-office gross record at $1.839 billion and $1.843 billion, respectively.

However taking into account that ticket prices are much different today than they were in previous decades, measuring the success of a film can be more complicated.

Adjusting for ticket price inflation, Avatar’s domestic box-office gross as of January 24, 2010 is $558.5 million dollars ($551.7 unadjusted). “Gone with the Wind” has an adjusted gross of $1.49 billion.

Top Inflation-adjusted movies (Domestic U.S. market):

1. Gone with the Wind (1939) - $1.49 billion (adjusted); $199 million (unadjusted)

2. Star Wars (1977) - $1.31 billion (adjusted); $460 million (unadjusted)

3. The Sound of Music (1965) - $1.046 billion (adjusted); $159 million (unadjusted)

4. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) - $1.043 billion (adjusted); $435 million (unadjusted)

5. The Ten Commandments (1956) - $963 million (adjusted); $65.5 million (unadjusted)

6. Titanic (1997) - $943 million (adjusted); $601 million (unadjusted) 

26. Avatar (2009) - $558 million (adjusted); $552 million (unadjusted)

For Boxofficemojo.com’s Top 100 inflation adjusted films for the domestic market, click here:

Correction: A sentence in an article on January 25, 2010 about inflation adjusted box office results incorrectly stated 'Gone with the Wind' was released in 1933. The movie was released in 1939.

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