According to the blog TorrentFreak, the most downloaded movie is Avatar.

That isn't much of a surprise given the movie's popularity. But one thing that might be is that James Cameron, who directed the film, said he made the movie in 3-D precisely to thwart would-be pirates.

The movie industry has long waged an unsuccessful campaign to stop people from downloading copies of their product, and claims that losses from piracy run into the billions.

In the case of Avatar, the piracy doesn't seem to have dented its revenue, as it took in a total of $2.7 billion in worldwide grosses and $749 million in the U.S.

Below is the list from TorrentFreak of the movies that were downloaded most often, paired with their gross revenue worldwide.

Film                                     Downloads           Worldwide Gross            

1 Avatar                              16,580,000           $2,779,551,867

2 Kick-Ass                           11,400,000           $96,130,432

3 Inception                          9,720,000             $825,408,570

4 Shutter Island                   9,490,000             $294,803,014

5 Iron Man 2                        8,810,000             $621,751,988

6 Clash of the Titans           8,040,000             $493,214,993

7 Green Zone                      7,730,000             $94,875,650

8 Sherlock Holmes               7,160,000             $523,029,864

9 The Hurt Locker                6,850,000             $48,612,915

10 Salt                                 6,700,000             $175,190,850