When the stresses of everyday life feel even more burdensome than usual

and routine seems more rut, you know it's time to take a vacation.

Massages, facials, poolside lounging, perhaps a spa getaway is in order.

Ever relaxing and rejuvenating, spa's are certainly enjoyable, however

once the vacation is over then it's back to the grind. Wouldn't it be

lovely to carry that new state of calm and presence with you weeks,

months, even years after the vacation ends? This is the idea behind a

getaway at The Lodge at Woodloch, a luxury destination spa located on a

private lake in Northeast Pennsylvania, about two hours from New York


Founded by John and Ginny Lopis after 20 years in the luxury spa

industry, The Lodge at Woodloch approaches the spa experience not only

as a getaway but as an awakening. The Lodge's awakening philosophy

is meant to breathe new life into day-to-day living once you have

returned home. Along with an extensive spa menu, including the

Awakening the Senses facial and body treatment, activities such as

kayaking and breathtaking scenery, The Lodge offers programs focused on

uniting body and mind for overall quality of life improvement. With

workshops entitled Breathe and Change Your Life, Awakening Your

Life's Purpose and Inside Your Family's Communication, you will

leave The Lodge at Woodloch with much more than relaxed muscles and

soft skin.

Don't be fooled by The Lodge's goal to improve your quality of life,

they want to pamper you as well. Guests are made to feel special by

being matched with a personal spa concierge upon arrival in order to

customize treatments and activities. Floor to ceiling windows allow

guests to be surrounded by nature at all times, covered porches

complete with rocking chairs and sunny terraces are perfect for an

afternoon nap, making The Lodge a truly relaxing oasis.

The awakening the senses philosophy is applied to just about every

aspect of The Lodge and does not stop at the food. Tree, their

signature restaurant offers five-star cuisine and unlike most of its

spa-dining counterparts, they omit calorie and fat count in place of

nutritious and delicious ingredients. The menu, based around locally

grown vegetables, naturally-raised meat and fish and organic

ingredients, changes seasonally. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are

included in your spa package and The Lodge wants guests to be able to

take their dining experience home with them by offering cooking and

nutrition demonstrations.

Having received several esteemed

industry awards, including Travel and Leisure's Top 15 Spa

Destinations and Forbe's 10 Most Luxurious Spas in the US, The Lodge

at Woodloch offers guests a relaxing, educational and awakening