“Worms 3,” the award-winning mobile game published by Team 17, is now a free app on the iTunes App Store, but for a limited time only. Normally, the third iteration of the turn-based strategy game would cost $4.99, but since the mobile title has been chosen as the “iTunes App of the Week” it’s available for free until the end of next week. So mobile users should get it now before the original price returns.

For those unfamiliar with the “Worms” series, the games usually involve strategically taking down the opposing force in various war zones with an army of worms. Players will have to strategically place their worms in smart locations, in order to defeat the other teams and eventually topple their base, usually with explosives.

Gameplay hasn’t changed much with “Worms 3,” but that doesn’t appear to be a problem, as the game won a Silver Award from Pocket Gamer. The site has praised the series’ traditional gameplay, along with its sense of humor when it comes to how ridiculous the weapons are. Players can even unleash a little old lady who explodes.

“Worms” is also known for its intense multiplayer sessions, as players will have to take each other on in worm warfare, trying to outthink each other and eventually score the victory. The multiplayer mode has managed to transition to the mobile version of the game fairly well, thanks to online support for it.

The fans have continued to show their appreciation, as “Worms” has been around since the original days of the first PlayStation and its success on mobile platforms has proven that the games still have a lot of staying power. According to a report from App Advice, “Worms 3” currently has a user rating of four out of five, with a total of 1211 ratings backing the title up.

Mobile gamers searching for an interesting mobile game, or interested in the series, can pick up “Worms 3” right now for free on the iTunes App Store, especially since the app can be played in both iPhones and iPad tablets. Those with Android devices can download the game for $4.99.

Worms™ 3 - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/TouchGameplay)