Axcess International Inc. announced this morning that it has been awarded a competitive procurement worth $3.54 million to provide security infrastructure solutions for the Port at Trinidad's capital, Port-of-Spain. Once the contract is completed, the comprehensive system will include active RFID, multiple types of sensors and multiple types of scanners to enhance daily security operations.

Although the specific security solutions are confidential, some of the augmented elements include wireless vehicle and visitor tracking; sensors for toxic chemicals, gases and radiation; and scanning for metal objects on personnel and in baggage. Axcess provided a similar solution for Barbados Port Inc. to improve its security when it hosted the Cricket World Cup Games 2007.

Security has long been our primary objective at the Port, stated Chris Mendez, CEO of the Port Authority of Trinidad & Tobago. These systems are critical to providing the necessary advanced security for the Summit Conference and for Port operations thereafter.

Our patented active RFID technology is proven to leverage existing security resources, commented Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of Axcess International. Together with other wireless-based detection technologies, our solutions provide comprehensive advanced security threat detection and response. We have specific Port experience in the region and for special, high level events such as the upcoming Summit Conference. We are honored to have been chosen to provide this critical infrastructure security capability.