Axcess International Inc., a portfolio company of Amphion Innovations plc (AMP) with innovative offerings like the Dot™ and Dual-Active™ RFID and other RTLS (real time location systems) wireless solutions for real-time situational awareness of assets, supply chain elements, locations, and persons, announced its FY 09 (ended Dec. 31) results today.

President and CEO Allan Griebenow called 09 a “record revenue year”, citing the completion of a second turn-key infrastructural security project in the Caribbean, the debut of a distribution sales bundle to position the Company for further market penetration in physical security, and the HID Global agreement to become an HID Connect™ Partner program participant and utilize HID’s sophisticated proximity technology in the MicroWireless™ Dot™ Wireless Credential product.

Revenue for FY 09 set a new record, up 219% from 08 to $4.8M, with the port infrastructure security contract accounting for 76.6% ($3.65M) of revenues. Gross Margin was up 14% from 08 and Net Losses were down 77% to just $1.1M (Net Loss Per Share $.04).

The 09 Trinidad Port contract secured the facility and prompted participation in the Fifth Summit of the Americas Conference of some 34 heads of state, and was implemented in a similar fashion as the recent Barbados Port Inc. solution, which also provided emergency evacuation accounting, internal zone security, visitor/vehicle tracking, wireless WMD sensing, scanners and security enhancement equipment.

The MicroWireless™ technology for commercial and government use shows strong potential for a variety of future applications, and the skillful leveraging of HID Global’s industry-standard proximity technology to achieve a wireless credentialing solution in the hardware-independent Dot design (that offers an isolated frequency range) allows for a system which can function parallel to existing networks without presenting interference.

Axcess’s proprietary, patented, Dual-Active RFID technology allows tags to function as either wake-on-demand or as “always on” beacons, representing the most cost-effective and easy way to implement automated security/optimization solutions enterprise-wide.

Successful completion of work at the U.S. Department of Energy’s 585 sq. ft. Hanford Site in Washington State has led to increased safety and improved logistical/economic efficiency where the identification, weighing, and report generation for radioactive/hazardous materials has been automated.