Petro-AVEC, the new joint venture formed recently between Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) and Petrosonics LLC, is focused primarily on one thing, the global marketing of Petrosonic’s proprietary technology for removing sulfur, while continuing development of their proprietary technology for the treatment of sour crude.

The heart of the venture is the company’s sonic process for removing sulfur, and the worldwide patents that support it. Sonic energy (20-40 Khz) creates rapid pressure and temperature changes, resulting in the shearing open of the fuel molecule, and allowing the oxidation of contaminants. Specifically, oxidation converts thiophenes, and other heavy organic sulfur compounds, to sulfones, for easier removal.

Petrosonics’ process for removing sulfur from crude oil and refinery products currently has patents, or patents pending, in 42 countries, and the process has been tested and proven by several major oil companies, including CITGO, Conoco, Sinclair, and Aramco. The company has approximately 200 claims pending before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and additional claims involving nitrogen removal and product volume increase are under review.

The technology involved covers roughly 55% of all crude oil production, 30% of all crude oil reserves (more, if you include Canadian tar sands and US shale reserves), and 40% of the world’s refineries.

Benefits for producers include the following:

• Crude and refined oil are made less sour, with diesel reduced to less than half the EPA requirements.
• Crude oil is pre-cracked, with resulting volume increases of 10%-30%.
• Significant value is added through reduced refinery operational costs.
• Major EPA specified refinery upgrade costs are avoided.
• Necessary equipment is available on a commercial off-the-shelf basis, saving time and money.
• Technology has 24 identified uses between the wellhead, the refinery, and the pipeline.

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