The new joint venture recently formed between Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC.PK) and privately held Petrosonics, to market Petrosonics’ advanced sulfur removal technologies, is significantly strengthened by the presence of worldwide government movements to reduce sulfur emissions from automotive fuels. In addition, there is now increasing pressure to expand sulfur emission regulations to locomotives, ships, and other off-road fuels. Recently California proposed requiring ocean-going vessels to use lower-sulfur marine distillates when within 24 nautical miles of the coastline.

Standard sulfur reduction technologies, such as hydrotreatment, are not cost effective for most small to mid-sized refineries, nor can they meet the anticipated global demand for zero sulfur levels. Petrosonics’ technologies, on the other hand, cover most of the oil producers and refiners in the world, irrespective of refinery configuration.

Oxidative desulfurization technology can be used for multiple fuels, including gasoline and diesel. Utilization can be stand-alone in non-hydrotreatment fitted refineries and low-pressure hydrotreatment equipped refineries, including refineries in Asia and South America. Heavy and crude oil technology can be used throughout the world. A heavy oil upgrade and desulfurization can be performed by the producer prior to sales to increase value and markets to non-hydrotreater equipped refineries. This becomes important as world oil supplies get heavier, and sour and clean fuel initiatives are implemented.

Petrosonics LLC owns all significant patents for oxidative desulfurization of refined products using ultrasound as a power source, a technology which increases the yield of useable product and heavy oil, while also generating cost savings. The company also has third-party validation of the efficacy of the technology, and testing has demonstrated that Petrosonics’ proprietary technologies and processes are capable of achieving both present as well as near-term U.S. sulfur limits in refined diesel.

Supporters see it as an environmentally sound product that also promises increased value and cost savings, an enviable combination in the global marketplace.

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