Axial Vector Energy Corporation recently announced that Global Operations LLC will begin serving as an advisor and will also be positioned to provide strategic planning and financial access to investors. Axial Vector Energy Corporation, a publicly-traded global solutions provider who owns, develops and licenses advanced internal combustion engine and power generator technologies, is excited to work with Global Operations on forthcoming projects.

AVEC focuses on applying technology to develop new, smaller and lighter internal combustion engines that produces significantly greater horsepower on less fuel than conventional engines of similar size. The Axial Vector engines design will comfortably meet the challenges that current internal combustion engines face, including mandated pollution standards and meet the strong demand for cleaner and far greater fuel-efficiency engines.

Paul Farah, Global Chairman and Group CEO stated, “The existing technologies, current Joint Ventures and planned acquisitions makes AVEC an ideal company at the right time to introduce to Gulf Investors and License on a Global basis. Global’s reach extends also towards the North African and Asian markets. The Gulf countries, particularly the United Arab Emirates, are always striving to beat the forefront of development that is why we are very interested in long term relations with companies such as AVEC who are at the forefront of technological developments.”

Sanjai Chhaunker, AVEC President and CEO added, “Having the Global team of finance, legal and accounting expertise will allow us a Global footprint soon for our technologies and accomplishments.”

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