Axial Vector Energy Corp., the innovative engine and generator developer, recently announced EngineTec, Inc. as its U.S. technology transfer contractor. EngineTec served as engine and generator systems integrator for Adaptive Propulsion Systems, and Axial will now have them transfer the technology to the licenses.

In addition, an open house is to be held at EngineTec July 14th, for shareholders, car and truck manufacturers, environmental groups, as well as various government officials, to demonstrate the company’s engines and generators. One of the things being demonstrated is the world’s first engine to create high-level power on palm oil, a non-fossil fuel. In addition, they will operate electric motors capable of 98% efficiency, showing the huge energy savings available if such motors were deployed on a national level.

In separate news, Axial announced that the 245 hp Gas Cam Engine will now be shipped to EngineTec for production modeling, completing its contract on the first 200 engines ordered for marine use. They also announced the modification of the Malaysian GENSET contract, whereby the purchaser will now ship palm oil to EngineTec, and pay for testing and calibration of the engine to maximize power output. All data from this agreement will remain the sole property of Axial.

Axial Vector is known for developing and licensing revolutionary technologies, including internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies, for industrial, commercial, and military use. They are a leader in engine and energy technologies that produce more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally sensitive solutions for worldwide application. The company is a critical player in technologies that relate to increased engine efficiency for power generation and vehicle operation, and increased purification efficiency for the processing of oil. The worldwide drive for increased environmental protection benefits both of these areas.

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