Axial Vector Energy Corp, best known as a maker of energy conversion systems that are among the most efficient in the world, recently provided some valuable insight into its short and long term marketing and financial plans, suggesting an expected diversity of future income. The information came directly from Sanjai Chhaunker, Axial President and CEO.

On July 14th, the company will demonstrate the Axial Vector (AVEC) multi-fuel engine and 100KW “coreless” generator/electric motor to representatives of their new Malaysian licensee as well as the Malaysian government. The event is to demonstrate the generation of power from palm oil shipped from Malaysia to Virginia Beach, the site of the demonstration. At the same time, the company is working to complete two additional licenses and hopes to announce the addition of those significant revenue streams at the demonstration.

In support of its growing international activities, Axial is now working closely with Global Operations LLC, a conduit to worldwide investment markets. Global effectively provides Axial Vector with marketing, licensing, financial, and legal staff in several countries, giving AVEC the ability to go after marketing and profitability opportunities far more quickly. Global did a complete technology review of AVEC prior to agreeing to represent them. AVEC believes that the upcoming filing of its “Form 10”, combined with its licensing royalty, has significantly raised its profile and value, and hopes to make presentations to prominent institutional investors in Europe and the Gulf Cooperating Council.

Global also organized a top-level tour, introducing the Petro Avec technology to commercial and government decision makers in India. The technology, a new and more efficient way of removing sulfur impurities from oil, is part of a joint venture between AVEC and Petrosonics LLC. As a result, AVEC expects to have a signed agreement very soon to fund all costs for a mini commercial plant. Third party data shows that royalties from the technology could yield $2 per barrel to Petro Avec, with oxidative desulphurization showing over $3 billion in potential revenue.

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