Axial Vector Energy Corporation was pleased to announce today that Automotive Industries Magazine will feature its unique engine technology as its cover story in the January issue. Devoted to providing global coverage on all aspects of the automobile, Automotive Industries emphasizes on people, products and processes that shape the industry.

According to the press release, the in-depth cover feature will focus on the engineering breakthroughs of the AVEC engines and what their rapid commercialization will do for reduced energy consumption and a much lower impact on the air and environment. Automotive Industries currently provides more than 40,000 manufacturers and suppliers with in-depth news, information, insight and analysis on the global events that affect the auto industry.

Sanjai Chhaunker, President and CEO of AVEC, stated, “Automotive Industries has over 40,000 subscribers who average 24 years auto industry exp and over 90% say AI is 1st / 2nd reading choice every month. In addition ( is receiving over two million hits per month which will add tremendously to our visibility. We are also very pleased that senior management of AI are now providing personal introductions to OEM’s and investors in the worldwide auto industry.”

Mr. Chhaunker added, “We encourage everyone to go to our web site and view the videos of our engines running to understand why the world is now showing so much interest.”

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