Axial Vector Energy Corp., developer of advanced, high-efficiency energy engines, has access to two important fuel purification technologies associated with Petrosonics LLC, the privately held development stage oil refining technology company that is part of the PETROAVEC joint venture between Axial Vector and Petrosonics.

The first technology uses ultrasound at moderate temperature and atmospheric pressure to reduce sulfur and nitrogen in processed diesel. This is important because there is worldwide legislation aimed at decreasing sulfur emissions to zero, including emissions from off-road use such as marine and locomotive. There is also a shift in demand from gasoline to diesel. Hydrotreatment, the current technology, is not cost effective for mid to small sized refineries, and there is not enough capacity for increasing demand. The Petrosonics patent portfolio covers most of the world’s oil producers and refiners.

The second key technology removes sulfur, nitrogen, and trace metals in heavy oils and crude, prior to final processing. It also reduces viscosity, increasing API (American Petroleum Institute) gravity and volume. Sour oil becomes less sour, and a more useable refined product is available for extraction from each barrel, expanding product volume. The net result is an increase in dollar value of each barrel of refined oil. In addition, the chemistry is straight forward, and associated equipment is commercially available, and can be used throughout the world. Heavy oil upgrade and desulfurization is worth at least $2 to $8 dollars per barrel, and can be performed by the producer prior to sale, to increase value to non-hydrotreater equipped refineries.

Petrosonics has related patents in the EU, Hong Kong, and Kazakhstan, and has over 1,500 claims pending in dozens of countries over six continents. Discounting territories, the company has patents pending in 42 countries and intellectual property coverage for roughly 55% of all crude oil in production, 30 percent of all crude oil reserves, and 40% of the world’s refineries.

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