Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced earlier this morning that it is planning to expand aggressively into China. The company has engaged Evotech Management Corporation (”EMC”), a global strategic management consulting and merchant banking firm, to develop a comprehensive plan and assist with the expansion.

AVEC believes its next generation energy technologies have unlimited potential in industrial and commercial energy-related applications and are best suited to address China’s need for energy efficient technology. “The fact that AVEC’s products and technologies provide a green foot print is ideal for China’s new trend toward greentech,” stated Basilio Chen, Chairman and Managing Partner of EMC. China greentech markets are predicted to reach 15% of its GDP by 2013 according to the China Greentech Initiative.

“This is a market that AVEC’s green energy technology is naturally suited with a competitive edge and is a huge opportunity we intend to pursue right away through the Shanghai offices of Evotech,” added Samuel Higgins, Chairman of the Board.

In a recent interview at Fox TV, Host and Managing Editor of “Special Edition TV,” Ileana Bravo commented, “The fact that this engine runs on bio-based oil as fuel is significant in several ways. Palm oils that are totally renewable fuel sources can be harvested from our Earth’s equatorial regions providing needed jobs and social development. Developing countries in these regions can now enter the world economic stage as a viable and important player. The environmental impact of using palm oil as a fuel source is minimal, and this fuel source is one that you can literally drink. That is amazing.”

The revolutionary Axial Vector Engine has been chosen to serve as the core of the company’s initial market applications in China. This amazingly powerful, lightweight, and highly efficient radial-design engine can produce higher horsepower and torque with considerably lower fuel requirements than conventional engines of similar size. The Axial Vector Engine is also less costly to manufacture and operate, and provides significant environmental advantages over standard internal combustion engines.

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