Axial Vector Energy Corp. announced this morning that the Managing Partner of PETRO AVEC, Dr. Mark Cullen, has been featured in an exclusive audio-taped webcast interview. During the webcast, Dr. Cullen further explained the Joint Venture’s revolutionary patented technologies designed to refine oil. Full access to the webcast is now available on the “Webcasts” page at or

Using sonic energy in a moderate temperature, atmospheric pressure environment, the process reduces sulfur, nitrogen, and trace metals in petroleum while also reducing oil density. The process increases API (American Petroleum Institute) gravity (least specific gravity = highest API gravity) and volume. Additionally, Sour (greater than 1/2 percent by weight sulfur) crude is rendered less sour, more useable product is extracted from a 42 gallon barrel of oil, and the volume of treated crude oil expands.

The process is fully supported by highly affordable, reliable, available, durable, computerized commercial off the shelf equipment from Germany. Patents covering 42 countries represent 55.7% of all crude oil production, 30% of world crude oil reserves, and 40% of the world’s refining capacity. More than 1,500 claims remain pending around the world.

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